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ERBO World Class Recruiting

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So if you, Mr. or Ms. Decision Maker,  Head of #HR,  #CIO or #ChiefofOperations are using companies, like #Glassdoor, #Climber, #SpencerStuart, #RoberthalfExecutive, #kornferry, #N2Growth, #thejudgegroup, #DHRInternational or recruiters at #execunet or #theladders.  Save time, money and improve your output and go directly to us at #ERBOINC. Again, no firm will be our quality or our value.

The ERBO Story

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I started up ERBO a year ago, as a sister company to my Operations, Transformation Transition Specialists, Company (Known simply as OTTS, Inc.) @ottscorp. Due to, so many companies and or recruiters call my 2 partners and me up on a daily basis, asking us to secure them a professional to fill a key role in their organization, be it an Executive Role or in Supply Chain, Operations, Finance, Quality, Distribution, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Project Management, and IT


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Let ERBO take on your talent recruitment and human resource tasks. You’ll quickly discover how effectively, efficiently, and affordably ERBO secures HR solutions for your company. It would be my pleasure to further discuss the myriad of ways Employee Recruitment by OTTS can fulfill your company’s candidate recruitment and HR needs, helping you connect with the right talent at the best price possible. I look forward to hearing from you.

ERBO - Professional Network Get Results

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Succeeding in today’s competitive job market is more than just a matter of having great qualifications

New Competition (Executive Search) Go With ERBO

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Qualified candidates to fill a job vacancy in today’s saturated job market is challenging enough. Discovering the most qualified professional who also happens to be the perfect fit for your company can feel nearly impossible. Perhaps you’ve had the experience of posting a position through one of the big name online recruiting services, only to discover you’ve been overcharged for what, in the end, amounts to a spattering of hit-or-miss applicants culled from an inefficient, impersonal system.

Get the Word Out: ERBO skilled at Recruiting the Best Talent!

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If your company is in need of filling key positions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. ERBO is ever-growing as our expert team continues amass the resumes of talented professional candidates alongside the job listings of quality companies like yours. It would be my pleasure to further discuss how ERBO can help you to connect with the right talent at the best price possible. I look forward to hearing from you.

Business Unit Manager Supply Chain

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Business Unit Supply Chain Manager opening, located in the Nebraska / Iowa area.
Reporting to the Business Unit General Manager with a dotted line to a Vice President of Supply Chain,

Operations (QA) 6 months

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Responsible for performing the day-to-day quality operations (QA Inspection) for QA Filling/Finishing within the Quality organization. Identify and assess quality risks in activities and processes according to regulatory agency rules, guidelines and Shire quality practices.

Assistant Director - Payroll/WFA/Benefits Operations

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Finance, #accounting, #largecompany, we at @ERBOTeam have been busy today! We got another note from a recruiter friend who is looking 4 an Assistant Director - Payroll/WFA/Benefits Operations, If you are interested, check us out The #ERBOnetwork is growing daily. #professionals, #Executives #collegegrads, #Veterans

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