ERBO is now free for all Professionals & Jobseekers

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Hello Professionals and Job Seekers, as of last week, the EBRO employee and jobseeker registry is now free. 

The coupon to use Getnoticed to ensure your membership is free as stated in the SOW below on a Professional and Jobseeker should complete their profile.  By the 4th Quarter of 2021, the OTTS/ERBO team will create a VIP for Professionals who want a little more service, such as, having their resume or CV's brought up to first when employers and or recruiters are accessing our professional/jobseeker database, or they want to be first to see when a new job listing gets posted. We are looking at making a connection network, so members can text each other and post subject matter that pertains to business, employment, and communities.   

ERBO! Professionals who need an edge over the competition!

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Your job search is the most important next step for your career—and your future. Employee Recruitment by OTTS (ERBO) Job Search services understand this better than anyone in the business. Offering the most comprehensive and thorough search abilities at a price any job searcher can afford, ERBO launches your job search with the hands-on support you deserve and the networking opportunities you need to fast-track your career to the next level.

Decision Makers! Hiring! Listen Up!

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This is a message for the hiring teams who are authorized and select vendors to recruit for your operations.  I am here (Briana Marie) to advise, the ERBO, a division of OTTS, Inc., has a world-class recruiting team that is very skilled at securing the best talent to fill open full-time or contract positions.

ERBO's Recruiting Excellence!

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ERBO is a small company compared to a lot the recruiting firms that do Executive Search and Recruiting. Still, We here at ERBO are well equipped and have the capacity to ensure our clients are successful in building their organization with superior talent.  OTTS Leadership would put our Vice President of Employee Recruitment and Quality Mary Ruth and her team up against any Executive Search or any HR Recruiting company.  We love Competition!

ERBO- "Ridin In the Storm Out! (We are offering 4 months Free!)

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We at OTTS/ERBO Inc after listening to our #brand #influencers, Issie Lewis, IG account, @princesssiceicy, Briana Maria, IG account @1brianamarie, Kyra Symone, IG account @kyrasyone, who convinced leadership that we should make our professional membership free over the next 4 months. We agreed!

We want to do our part! Professionals 4 months No charge!

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We at OTTS/ERBO Inc after listening to our #brandi #influencers, Issie Lewis, Briana Maria, Kyra Symone, who convince leadership that we make our professional membership free over the next 4 months. We agreed!


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Coronavirus (Operations Supply Chain Bulletin)

Note from OTTS's Sr. Board Member, The Boss! Valencia Giles, RN, BSN, MICN

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OTTS is hearing from Operations Executives who call us to vent; their operations are struggling to manage their supply chain and logistics to service their customers during this Coronavirus Pandemic. No need to worry anymore, tell the Decision Maker, the one in Charge, RELAX we at OTTS got this, no problem! Our team of consultants at OTTS are not only mentally tough to handle change, are accomplished, and can lead others, organizations through the storm of uncertainty. This is what we do for a living, and we are very good at it.

Do your operations need support in the following areas: Don't hesitate, call our business development today!

Supply Chain Planning & Inventory Control (SCPPIC) Cash Flow Inventory Control (Accuracy) EDI Review Order to Cash Marketing Strategy, Strengthen Sale Channels 3PL and 4PL management Audit your Chart of Accounts System Enhancements Dashboard Analytics Logistics, On-time delivery Service fill rates Ocean container and delivery Supplier Development Strategic Sourcing Recruiting, Executive Search - Securing the best professional for your team (Through the ERBO network)

You might be asking why, OTTS? Well, for starters, No Firm will be us on out on pricing or give your company a better ROI. (Not even close) Two, during this Pandemic, when we as a nation are asked to self-quarantine. All of our Consultants are experts at working Remotely, and yes, we will still get your company and organization your expected results, that is, Better Customer Service, Increase Cash Flow, and reduce your operating costs.

Contact us today, at 888-410-6887 or drop us an email at

Welcome Briana Marie (OTTS/ERBO Influencer)

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Briana Marie comes on board the #OTTSCorp team, to support and build our #socialmedia presence and be a key stakeholder on our business development team to market and grow both OTTS, Inc and ERBO companies.

ERBO's Network- Recruiting Top Talent. Made Easy!

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Today's message goes out to companies who are struggling to find and secure top talent.  Our OTTS division has been getting calls from several recruiters and staffing agencies, looking for Professionals in Project Management, Supply Chain, IT Development, Executive Management, Engineering, Nursing, Social Networking, E-commerce, and Finance Executives.  

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