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Your job search is the most important next step for your career—and your future. Employee Recruitment by OTTS (ERBO) Job Search services understand this better than anyone in the business. Offering the most comprehensive and thorough search abilities at a price any job searcher can afford, ERBO launches your job search with the hands-on support you deserve and the networking opportunities you need to fast-track your career to the next level.

To succeed in today’s job market, you need more than just great qualifications: you need to discover great opportunities and make connections. With ERBO’s unique job search and networking services, members have the opportunity to connect like never before.

New! Networking and Member Interaction Services

Set apart from other job search service sites by the personal touch it provides, ERBO goes the extra mile for you. ERBO’s reps have connections they’ve personally cultivated through meetings and networking. In the field for over twenty years, ERBO has the contacts and networks that other online recruiters—anonymous and expensive, hiding behind a web page—don’t. What’s more, ERBO provides members with the unique opportunity to interact with other professionals directly on the site. Connect with other specialists in your field. Share business stories on your whiteboard. Take advantage of networking opportunities. Being an ERBO member puts you in the most advantageous position to make that perfect professional connection or reach that top hirer, all for an incredibly low price.

Just $15 a month, or $125 for 12 months (a savings of 30.5% over other sites), not only opens the door to countless employment opportunities but also provides the support of a staff with decades of experience.

ERBO believes success means placing the best individuals in the best positions, period. College graduate, MBA, or senior level, the ERBO team is behind you all the way.

What Does ERBO Mean for Me? From the moment you sign up, ERBO recruiters go full-force, searching top companies for your employment. Other websites expect you to wait with fingers crossed, hoping employers view your profile. ERBO’s recruiters already have a list of openings available and personally contact HR departments and employers with your credentials. You can also post your resume and browse job openings, even as ERBO is actively looking for you. It’s a win-win situation, whether you’re continuing to work in your field or desire a career change.

Seriously Working for You

No matter the level of work you seek, be it a C-level, vice president, director, manager, or staff position, or even a position for a recent college graduate, ERBO’s goal is to link the best candidate with the best job. Other job portals limit the level of job they’re willing to represent. With ERBO, you’re starting your job search steps ahead of the others. ERBO knows the latest job market trends and gets regular requests from reputed organizations for qualified candidate recommendations. Well aware of what it takes to secure the perfect job, ERBO has the right resources and tools to make it happen. Other sites simply can’t compete.

Make the Most of Your Career: Make It ERBO

It’s really a no-brainer: The power behind a personal ERBO job search is the personal touch, and nothing replaces that. ERBO is connected in all the top industries:

• Executives- in all industries

• Supply Chain

• Manufacturing

• Distribution

• Quality

• Consulting

• Sales

• Human Resources

• Engineering

• Law

• IT

• Marketing

• Finance

• And More

Call 888-410-6887 or Sign Up! and find out just how ERBO can help you maximize your career search.

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Contact us for more information, and let ERBO help you in building a successful career. Discover other ERBO services for job seekers, such as job interview consultation sessions.

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Again, save more than 30 percent over other recruiting companies: with ERBO it’s just $15 a month or one yearly payment of $125. Then simply complete a professional profile and upload your resume and/or CV, and the ERBO staff will begin networking you and your talents to the company's decision-makers.


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