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There's an Online Hiring Revolution and It's Called Erbo!

ERBO (Employee Recruitment by OTTS knows it's time for a change in online recruitment. The hours, frustration and money spent getting so-so talent from hit-or-miss job boards is over. If you're a hiring manager, recruiter or HR professional, we know what you're up against: you need the best talent at the best price. Wasting resources on job listings is a thing of the past with ERBO. We welcome you to look at the future of online recruitment with us!





ERBO's goal brings the first-rate talent at a rate others can't come close to. It's called "competition," something we at ERBO know the big recruitment firms have forgotten about. Check out the savings when you list your job openings with ERBO:

POST AND SAVE ON 100+ JOB BOARDS ($50extra to post on 50 job boards, $100extra to post 100 job boards, and $200extra to post on 200 job boards

1 Job Listing/$175

2-3 job listings/$115 per listing

4-6 job listings/$100 per listing

7-9 jobs listings/$90 per listing

10-12 job listings/$75 per listing