Why Us?

Connecting the Right People with the Right Jobs, at the Right Price

A basic truth of online job hunting and employee recruiting: It’s a competitive job market out there. Another fact: Despite the ease of success that a basic independent online search promises, a disconnect exists between the best jobs out there and the best professionals to perform those jobs. A hasty online search of available positions or job candidates by a hopeful professional or company is often an exercise in futility, and sifting through a myriad of online job listings or countless profiles of prospective professionals is as daunting as it is impractical.

Enter the job/employee recruitment site to save the day: a trusted online resource that effectively and efficiently culls from the multitude of data a solution that makes sense in the flesh-and-blood world—the right person for the right position at the right company. Imagine a job/talent recruitment site staffed by professionals who, from their expertise in industry challenge resolution, and understand the operational complexities of an industry and the staffing requirements to implement solutions. And, now, imagine such a job/talent acquisition site that works its magic for a fraction of the going rate. Welcome to Employee Recruitment by OTTS (Operations, Transformation & Transition Specialists). Dedicated to bringing together talented professionals and great companies at an affordable price, Employee Recruitment by OTTS offers supreme site functionality and the matchless guidance of seasoned professionals from a company renowned for solution implementation. With Employee Recruitment by OTTS, job seekers and employee recruiters can navigate through the murky channels of job hunting, career advancement, and candidate recruitment toward the right opportunities, all for the best prices available.

Quality Candidate Recruitment at Reasonable Rates

Recruiting the right professional can be an arduous and time-consuming task. Many staffing and recruiting sites are willing take over the process, but at a high cost. Employee Recruitment by OTTS firmly believes that finding the perfect candidate need not deplete a company’s resources, and also believes that talent acquisition is best achieved when the full scope of a business is understood. With the experienced staff at Employee Recruitment by OTTS, businesses can enjoy all the benefits of a superior talent acquisition site (including a posting of every job listing on more than 100 sites) at the best pricing on the market. Employee Recruitment by OTTS is well-versed in the complex operation and execution requirements across a number of industries:

• Construction and Industrial

• Automotive

• Defense

• Pharma and Nutrition

• Offshore Manufacturing and Distribution

• Biotech and Medical Supplies

• Consumer Package Goods/Retail

• Contract Manufacturing and 3PL Services

• Food and Confectionery

• Transportation and Distribution

• Energy

• Entertainment

• And More

The Career of Your Dreams for a Minimal Investment

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or veteran seeking career advancement or a highly skilled college graduate ready to launch a career, you want to be visible. The goal is to be perceived as the perfect candidate by a company looking for just the person of your specific skill set, experience, and talents. To emerge from the white noise of countless professional profiles, you need the benefit of an adept job search site, preferably one without the high monthly price tag. Employee Recruitment by OTTS charges less than half the going rate, all while offering the professional support of operation experts across a range of industries:

• Pharma/Life Sciences

• International Manufacturing/Distribution

• Hi-Tech

• Industrial Goods

• Medical

• And More

The expert staff at Employee Recruitment by OTTS is in daily communication with hiring managers, from C-level through staff, in order to ensure the best, up-to-date opportunities are always available to its members.


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