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ERBO, Is your best choice to secure top talent for your Operations and or your client!

The Team at ERBO knows it is difficult and time-consuming to find a qualified candidate in today’s saturated job market. Most online recruiting services charge exorbitant fees and then offer an impersonal, high-volume recruiting system that bombards organizations with a multitude of sub-par applicants. With this process, time is wasted, money is lost, the position remains vacant, and, meanwhile, there is still a business to run. What today’s companies need are quality recruitment services that quickly find the right talent at a reasonable price. Our Company, Employee Recruitment by OTTS, want to save your organization time and money fulfilling your targeted candidate search needs.

After 23 years of recruitment experience working with top companies in the country, the experts at ERBO have developed a thorough understanding of a variety of job markets, and have honed the ability to match the right candidate with the right job, at the right company. Since our recruiters work out in the field procuring top job candidates, you can be assured of a personal touch: ERBO actively connects you to top talent, recommending the best-qualified job seeker for your open position. This incomparable service comes at a great value: ERBO offers affordable rates, easily beating the costs demanded by Monster, CareerBuilder, Opsladder, Execunet, and other competitors.

Some Benefits of recruiting with ERBO:

• Instant Website Messaging System—Immediately act upon a promising resume. Contact potential candidates directly using our instant messaging system

• Efficient Candidate Assessment—Personal contact with potential candidates allows you to accurately gauge their potential, economizing time and money even before the formal interview process begins.

• Active Candidate Vetting—ERBO experienced staff recruiters will vet any potential candidate, ensuring your high standards and specific needs are met.

• Posting to 100+ Job Boards—Coming soon! ERBO job listings will be instantly posted to 100+ Job Boards.

• Matchless Service and Reasonable Rates— ERBO offers the best service at the best prices for the best value in the industry.

If your company is in need of filling key positions, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a friendly professional discount. ERBO continues to expand daily as my team accumulates talented professional candidates seeking to post resumes on our site and adds quality companies like yours hoping to post job listings. It would be my pleasure to further discuss how ERBO can help you find the right talent at the best possible price. I look forward to hearing from you.

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